Saturday, June 18, 2011

9shooting: Shooting Photographic Stills and HD Video Simultaneoulsy! Maximizing Value, Revenue, Business, and Brand by Shooting Stills & Video @ the Same Time!

9shooting Stills & Video Simultaneously Maximizes Value While Bolstering Business & Brand
9shooting is all about maximizing value by shooting stills and video at the same time.  Life goes fast, and as the models'/photographrs'/videographers' time is invaluable, one must be fast and efficient in maximizing the amount of footage caught, while never compromising on quality!  As most shoots are unique, while many events such as weddings, proms, and fashion shows can never be recreated, 9shooting becomes an indispensable strategy in "catching the day." 

Waste the Abundant!  Conserve the Precious and Rare.
"Waste what's abundant to make up for what's scarce!" Basically, time is precious and rare, while HD cameras and storage space are ever-more abundant and inexpensive, suggesting a new mindset, philosophy, and psychology for photographers/videographers--the 9shooter philosophy.  Waste the space on the CF and SD Cards during a shoot!  Buy an extra hundred gigs for a hundred bucks, and then waste it on all the shoots!  Waste your hard drive space, to make up for the scarcity of your time and your models' time.  

9shooting is Driven by Moore's Law
9shooting, like the internet itself and the digital video/audio revolutions is also driven by Moore's Law.  As computers became faster, cheaper, and more powerful so too did the price of storage media--hard drives and memory cards--plummet.  A few years ago terabyte drives were unthinkable, and 100 gigs was a lot!  Now we regularly buy 2, 3, and 4 terabyte drives for a hundred bucks or so.  And SD and CF cards have all come down in price, as have high quality HD Camcorders, with the ~$200 Go Pro HD Hero being used in feature films and television!  Run the numbers, and with time a rare as ever, and with cameras and storage inexpensive and abundant, it is inexpensive and easy to set up several HD cameras for a shoot, while also mounting one to a bracket connected to the DSLR.  

Shoot First! Edit Later!
Yes--one should still take care to set up all the greatest shots and find all the greatest angles.  But too, throughout the shoot, one should shoot fast & furious, catching as much high-quality footage as possible via several cameras running simultaneously.  

Shoot Stills & Video Simultaneously via Numerous Cameras/Angles/and Styles! 
Catch slow-mo HD video with cameras shooting 60p, which can be slowed down to 30p or 24p in post.  Catch HD video with a DSLR mounted on a tripod or gorillapad.  Catch 60p or 24p from a camera mounted via a 9shooter bracket to your DSLR.  Bolster your brand and your clients' brand by shooting video & stills @ the same time!   

Offer Raw Footage!  Work With Pro Editors!
In the field, you should focus on shooting as much high quality video and stills as possible.  Then, you can offer the raw footage to your clients, or you can offer the services of an editor, or some combination of both!  If the client does not want video (and does not want to partake in social media branding on facebook/vimeo/youtube), all you have to do is erase the cards!  It cost you nothing, but for a few minutes of setting up the video cameras.  And in this day and age, the vast majority of clients would love the video!  Imagine if you offered the bride and groom an SD memory card with three hours of HD video of their wedding, all shot from the lead photographer's point of view!  With videographers costing as much as $3,000, surely this SD Card would carry some value to them--far more value than what it cost to shoot!  And such is the nature of business--value created - cost of production = profits! :)

The general philosophy of "9shooting" is that after a three hour shoot you will have enough cool footage for a few one to five-minute videos. And such is the exact length of videos that are highly valuable to marketers on social media.

3 hours of video after a 3 hour shoot will be a lot of value to play with/edit down, and upload to facebook/youtube/flickr/smugmug in lengths of 1 minute-5 minute videos. 

Rock The World's Second Biggest Seach Engine--Get Your Video on Youtube!
1. YouTube Beats Yahoo — Video Will Convert
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the English-speaking world.
That’s right: YouTube is bigger than Yahoo. Zappos, as one example, added simple videos of people holding shoes and moving them around to its sales pages and increased conversion rate from 6% to 30%. When I look at the traffic sources for my book trailer on YouTube, the biggest referrer isn’t my own blog. It’s The Huffington Post. I customized the video and text content to a niche (but sizeable) outlet that didn’t exist two years ago:Huffington Post Books.
Get your photography business and your clients' business on youtube today, by shooting stills & video at the same time! :)
"A DIY 9Shooter: Shooting Stills & Video Simultaneously & Audio Too! Photographers! Make More Money & Grow Your Business on a Hero's Journey into Entrepreneurship! Make More Money & Grow Your Business on a Hero's Journey into Entrepreneurship!

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