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9shooter Beats (out-surfs) Red Epic (& the Red Scarlet) in Shooting Video & Stills @ the Same Time @ the 2011 US Open in Surfing in Huntington Beach

Video & stills shot @ same time with 9shooter beats NYT's method.
Check out some videos & stills of Kelly Slater shot with the 9shooter.

Model modeling 9shooter & shot with 9shooter. (Video & stills shot @ same time with 9shooter beats NYT's method.)

10-time world surfing champ Kelly Slater shot with 9shooter in S-mount configuration.
Read the 9shooter video & stills/Kelly Slater story here!

Firstoff, I bet that Canon comes out with a 2K/3K/4K DSLR camera in a year or so, and a 5k in a couple years. :)

Well, we keep hearing about how the Red Epic can shoot "Getty Worthy" stills & video @ the same time, but Steve Weinrebe points out, "I don’t see the Epic listed on Getty Images’ approved camera list for contributors," whereas all the cameras that are listed are compatible with the 9shooter setup, including, "the Canon 5D, Canon EOS 1D Mk 1, 2 & 3, Canon EOS 1DS Mk 1, 2 & 3 Canon EOS 30 and 40D, Nikon D2X and D3 and the Nikon D200 & D300 and the Lecia M8." So if you really want to shoot Getty-worthy stills while shooting video dudes & dudettes, the 9shooter's the way to go!

9shooter slow-mo video of 10-time world champion Kelly Slater winning the 2011 US Open shot at full 1080 HD @ 60p at the same time I was shooting stills:

Kelly Slater completely dominated the final heat in capturing  the US Open of Surfing Title this past weekend, defeating Australian Yadin Nicol. reported on Slater's epic shutout:
"I guess Yadin (Nicol) wanted me to win because he didn't catch any waves," said Slater, referring to Nicol's meager point total of 2.57 from catching just one wave in the final. "I was just really frustrated for him because he was sitting out the back waiting for the big sets and the big sets were close outs. The small ones he was just two far outside and I got them. I think what happened is I got the 8.50 to start and he was just going to be patient. If he got a good one he would have thrown a big rotator, but it just never came."
Read more:
Well, that's the exact same way we felt about the Red Epic--"I guess the Red Epic wanted the 9shooter to win because the Red Epic didn't take any pictures nor video of the event--the Red Epic didn't catch any waves."

Yes, folks. It seems the Red Epic just didn't show, and as hockey great Wayne Gretsky stated, "I missed every shot I never took." I looked up and down the beach, but I could see no Red Epic, and as huge and bulky as it is, it would have been hard to miss! And if the Red Epic had shown, imagine how much it would have cost to shoot the final three days the of the US Open--easily over 20x the cost of the 9shooter! Check out the Epic hidden cost of the Red Epic: And still, it would have lacked the dynamic video stabilization which allowed me to catch the video below while zoomed out 20x from a monopod. I would love to see some 20x zoomed footage of the Red Epic from a monopod or tripod even, following a surfer who is shredding, carving, and catching big air and landing epic aerials, 360s, and rodeo flips--who is zigging, zagging, cutting, and jumping!  And then seemlessly panning to the next surfer catching the same wave when the first one wipes out.

Here're the video and stills we caught with the < $3,500 9-shooter system (pictured below) consisting of a Canon T3i, a 150-500mm Sigma Zoom zoomed out at 500mm, a Panasonic HDC-TM900K zoomed out fully to 20x and shooting full-HD at 1080 60p, and a sturdy Manfroto monopod:
9shooter slow-mo video shot at full 1080 HD @ 60p:

9shooter stills--you can see the video shot alongside the below still towards the end of the video above:

In the below picture courtesy of & Checkwood, you can see me standing on the shore, about the fifth from left, in my red surf shorts and black 45surf t-shirt, wielding a 9shooter. What you can't see is a Red Epic, and had there been one out there, would they have been able to maneuver it to the water's edge, to get it in front of the spectators when they stormed the beach for the final heats?

2011 Nike US Open Of Surfing Champion Kelly Slater. Photo: Checkwood

Our $3,500 9shooter system: a Canon T3i, a 150-500mm Sigma Zoom zoomed out at 500mm, a Panasonic HDC-TM900K zoomed out fully to 20x and shooting full-HD at 1080 60p, a sturdy Manfroto monopod, and plenty of 32 GIG SD cards & batteries:

Vincent Laforet & his RED EPIC rig, writing, "Some of you will ask:  "Is this a GAME CHANGER?"" didn't see one of these Red Epics by the Huntington Beach pier last week!) Vincent Laforet's above rig costs, in his words, "Right now the RED Epic is a $30,000+ camera that is far from accessible to most due to its price. ($58K with all of the accessories for the hand-machined "M" series – the factory made "X" series will be almost 1/3 cheaper.)."

Well, expect the 9shooter to become more and more powerful in the coming years, as Canon and Panasonic release 2k/3k/4k/5k camcorders and DSLRS, surfing Moore's Law on towards victory! Surf's up dudes! Join the fun in 9shooting the waves!

HD slow-mo video shot at the same time as stills via the 9shooter

RED will be eclipsed by Canon, just like Sun computers was eclipsed by PCs, as Moore's Law tends to favor companies aiming up, rather than companies aiming downwards.


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